It’s never too early to begin exploring the world

Exploration leads to discovery, which leads to excitement and enthusiasm, which then leads to further exploration and learning.

We believe play is the purest form of learning and that with true freedom to explore the world around them children develop trust, independence, and the ability dream. Each week our camp will encourage your child to engage in their surroundings, test their boundaries, and build lasting relationships.

Cave Explorer

Words don’t teach it is our experiences, relationships and interaction to the world around us that shapes who we are and who we will become.

Our Story

As a young child my father taught me several valuable life lessons simply through his own love of adventure and the outdoors. Often when I would show interest in something be it sports, history or simply a rock found on the side of the road he would take the time to research as much as possible and then early the next Saturday morning we would venture out to learn about and experience firsthand those things I was interested in. This interaction coupled with the company of someone just as excited as I was sparked in me a love of adventure and learning. Inspired by my childhood and with that same passion and sense of adventure, I created Discovery Kids Camp as a way to offer others those same opportunities for fun and learning.

Our Mission

Ahh the joy of summer, weather your days are packed with activities or lazy afternoons there is one thing every parent is sure to hear “I am bored, what can I do.” Our mission is not only to be the answer to that question but to ignite each child’s excitement for the beauty that surrounds us, to get them off the couch and outdoors, and to instill a sense of passion and wonder. Our commitment is to go places, meet people, and experience Utah in ways no other camp will offer.

Our Staff

Learning is as much about the lessons being taught as it is about the people teaching them. This is why our teachers are committed to creating a positive atmosphere one that fosters creativity, independence and accountability. We pride ourselves on hiring happy, energetic staff who are driven to help each child get the most out of their camp experience. Each Discovery Kids Camp teachers is special because they are as passionate about having fun as they are about teaching.

Holding a Book

Knowledgeable, Experienced, and Professional, team of teachers.

Experienced Team

Image by Mike Meyers

Daily communication with pictures capturing all the fun

Daily Communication

First Aid box on pink BG

Rigorous training including background screening and CPR/First Aid certification

Rigorous Training

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