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“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”

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Miss Hope

Being a summer camp teacher at Discovery Kids Camp is an incredible opportunity that youu are unlikely to find anywhere else. The staff and kids are all very wonderful and friendly! Discovery Kids Camp has an amazing environment and is a fantastic place to work. Not only did I  have the most fun summer of my life working there, but I  got paid to do it. I  feel very grateful to have this job and be a part of such a wonderful team. I wake up happy and excited to come to work each day and I  guarantee you will too. If you want to spend your summer around adorable kids, having amazing experiences, filled with adventure and get paid for it, then join us we would love to have you!


Mr Tim

Discovery Kids Camp has been a dream of mine for several years. Being able to offer a place where kids and teachers can get out and experience something unique that is fun and educational is very important to me. I look forward to summer all year long for many reasons. One I  love being outside, and Utah is beautiful but most important of all I  love seeing how the kids light up as they learn and experience something new. I always knew that Discovery Kids Camp would be fun I  never would have imagined it would be this fun.

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Adventure Awaits 

Here at Discovery Kids Camp, it is our responsibility, and our honor, to have the best and most qualified teachers to work with and watch over our family of campers. We value teachers that consistently exhibit a love of adventure, display strong leadership skills, and have the maturity to ensure the safety of our campers while providing them with loads of fun. As a teacher you will be joining a culture that promotes growth, enthusiasm and unity between staff, and expected to encourage and inspire both teachers and campers.
Each of our teachers share in the responsibility of building trusting relationship with each camper through participating in all the hikes, learning, and fun. This ensures that each camper feels safe and included.

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We guarantee you will love coming to work as much as you will love doing the work.

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It’s not just the kids that are having fun. Our teachers experience Utah in ways they never thought possible. Join us as we get out and do something different!

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Where else will you get paid to travel to cool places, experience Utah’s beauty, and learn new things while having this much fun?

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We only hire the best, most positive, and most dependable adventurists.

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